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Essential Shopping Brands is a new online shopping experience; bringing the best British food and drink brands at the best prices directly delivered to you the frugal shopper.

Our product range consists of short dated, out of date "Best Before", in date as well as discounted clearance food and drink brands.

Our life patterns have changed due to work, family commitments and the present economic climate wich has made us become more frugal shoppers. 

We are a British based online store with our own picking and packing distribution division which enables us to get your British brands out to you as soon as the order has been placed.  In fact we will deliver your order whether you live in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, The USA, Spain, Australia, or anywhere else you might live.  Our customers are public members who may be British students, British expats or just members of the British forces who miss all their favorite British brands.

We are constantly adding and increasing variety of food, drink, pet food and non-food products, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at much lower prices than the leading retailer. 

Many £1 of essential branded products.

FRUGAL - Definition:  It means thrifty or economic in the spending of money

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