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Advertise To British Expats

If your target audience is British Expats, then advertising with is the
perfect way to reach them. is the online supermarket for British Expats.

As the leading provider of British food for British Expats, we deliver worldwide with low delivery costs.

has a truly global reach across a worldwide British Expat customer base, a population that is growing by
365,000 per year.

There is also a large wholesale arm to the business, catering for business customers and customers in
the food service industry requiring British products.

How can we help your business?

With such a geographically dispersed group, it is very difficult to find advertising opportunities that can
effectively target the British Expat community.

We can do exactly that. We reach an enormous international network of British Expats, having exported
to 129 countries last year.

We are a well established and trusted brand within the Expat community and we only run a small
number of appropriate advertisements, that are not rotated with others and lost in the crowd.

We can offer several advertising opportunities: banner advertising on various key pages of our website
or in our email newsletter, and flyers in our order boxes.

1. Banner Advertising on our Website

At over 80,000 unique visitors per month and over half a million page views, you can put your business
in front of a large potential market of British Expat customers

Banner space is available in the following locations on the site





  1. 210 x 194 px (Left)
  2. 210 x 210 px (Left)
  3. 210 x 328 px (Left) plus DEAL Page
  4. 210 x 150 px (Left) plus DEAL Page
  5. 210 x ? 210 px (Left) plus DEAL Page
  6. 210 x ? 210 px (Right) plus DEAL Page


Home page - £150 pcm (plus VAT)

All 8,000 Product pages - £150 pcm

All Latest News pages- £115 pcm

Shipping page - £115 pcm

FAQs page - £115 pcm

Links Directory pages - £75 pcm

Links Directory category sponsorship - £115 pcm for front page, and £75 pcm for each category page.

Homepage banners are a bespoke size at: 442 x 116 pixels.

Product page banners are a standard half banner size at: 234 x 60 pixels.

All other banners on the site are left hand column large squares at a bespoke: 247 x 185 pixels, except
for the sponsorship option on the Links Directory pages which is a bespoke 580 x 100 pixel banner
heading the page.

Example banner placements follow, highlighted in red:

a) Homepage Banner Placement

b) Left Column Banner Placement

Please contact us for more details on specific positioning of banners.

2. Email Newsletter

Our fortnightly email newsletter has a distribution of over 25,000. Broadcast mid-week, we can offer
one off insertions or a reduced rate for a longer run.

Feature your business in our emails from £150 (plus VAT).

Banners in our newsletter are a bespoke: 562 x 139 pixels.

3. Flyers in our Order Boxes

We can include your flyer in every order box as it is dispatched from our warehouse. Leverage our
existing outbound supply chain to deliver your advert directly into our customers' hands.

Flyers can be any reasonable size - A5 or DL (1/3 of A4) sizes are popular.

Supply us with a run of 2,000 / 5,000 / 10,000 and we will add one to each order until they run out.

Great value at £150 (plus VAT) per 1,000 flyers.






Further Information

We are flexible and try to offer good value while building a long term relationship.